Designers Dozen


On Thursday and Friday, our celebrity judges hand select approximately 100 cars to compete for one of 16 elite ‘designers dozen’ custom award , commemorative jacket and recognition. Criteria that the judges look for range from: Craftsmanship and creativity to eclectic quality and originality. When this competition began over 13 years ago, the judges selected 12 cars to receive the award, which gave us the wonderful name, ‘The Designers Dozen’. Since then, the number of cars competing has increased and due to the high caliber of innovative competitors, the judges have increased the number of awards to a total of 16!

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2019 Judges include:

Murray Pfaff – Pfaff Designs Detroit, MI
Hot rod designer and builder

Ken Fenical – Posies Hot Rods and Customs
Hummelstown, PA – Hot rod builder and legend

John Edwards – Dream Machines LTD Toronto, CA
Hot rod and custom car builder

Sydney Weaver – Weaver Customs, Sandy, UT
Hot rod and custom car builder

Rich Perez - RP Interiors
Horseheads, NY -

Randy Weaver - Weaver Customs

Reggie Tibbets - Albuquerque SuperNationals

Chris Ryan - Ryan’s Rod & Custom

Mark Giambalvo - Creative Rod & Kustom

Scroll down to see the 2019 Designer Dozen Winners

Adrian & Jackie Christian
Syracuse, NY

1970 Datson 2000

Designers Dozen Adrian1
Designers Dozen Adrian2

Baldwins, NY

1915 Ford Model T

Designers Dozen Michael1
Designers Dozen Michael2

Joe Trois
Avondale, PA

1932 Ford Cabriolet

Designers Dozen Joe1
Designers Dozen Joe2

Marc Hansen/Borneman's
Pottstown, PA

1932 Ford 5 Window

Designers Dozen Marc1
Designers Dozen Marc2

Richard Groen
Morris Plains, NJ

1963 English Ford, Cortina

Designers Dozen Richard1
Designers Dozen Richard2

Pam & Jim Thompson
Saxonburg, PA

1953 Chevrolet Pickup Truck

Designers Dozen Pam1
Designers Dozen Pam2

James Picarlo
Newton, NJ

1954 Chevrolet Pickup Truck

Designers Dozen James1
Designers Dozen James2

Greg Norman
Woodbine, MD

1967 CHevrolet Nova

Designers Dozen Greg1
Designers Dozen Greg2

Larry Vizcaino
Georgetown, TX

1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302

Designers Dozen Larry1
Designers Dozen Larry2

Bill Rose
Syracuse, NY

1979 Pontiac Trans Am

Designers Dozen Bill1
Designers Dozen Bill2

Bob Stahl
Hollidaysburg, PA

1975 AMC Pacer

Designers Dozen Bob1
Designers Dozen Bob2

Rodney Updegrave
Tremont, PA

1949 Pontiac Tin Woodie

Designers Dozen Rodney1
Designers Dozen Rodney2

Murray Kirkland
Walk Worthy, Ontario

1961 Pontiac Ventura

Designers Dozen Murray1
Designers Dozen Murray2

Bob & Leanne Kleiner
Glendale, AZ

1954 Kaiser Manhattan 2 Door

Designers Dozen Bob1
Designers Dozen Bob2

George Planchock
Pocono Summit, PA

1949 International Truck

Designers Dozen George1
Designers Dozen George2

Jim Fowler
Mt Alton, PA

1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS

Designers Dozen Jim1
Designers Dozen Jim2

Ed Bubner
Hooverville, PA

1934 Ford 5 Window

Designers Dozen Ed1
Designers Dozen Ed2


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